“again I realized the importance of all the people we never see on stage.”

137329445313InformedVerticalToday I had the opportunity to watch as Sean and the actors worked on the actual staging of the play. After the heart-wrenching discussions that went into the table-side read-throughs, it was interesting to watch as the discussion shifted from what the words meant to each person and character to where the character would stand, when a person would move, when the pauses would create the proper feeling, etc. Staging takes the two dimensional words and makes them 3D on the stage.

I realized as I sat and watched that the read-through had been like me reading a book. The visualizations were all mine. Deb’s words and the actors inflections set the tone for me, but my imagination put it all into a place and time. Now they are getting to the part where the play becomes visual too. The actors are moving and will eventually have props and costumes too. Some of the things I had imagined were enhanced by this action, some of the things I had imagined were not where this play is going. It will be great to see how it continues to develop.

And again I realized the importance of all the people we never see on stage. So much of this play is represented by special props and costumes that enter and leave the stage. Someone has to keep track of all these things. What a job that is!

20131204-155352.jpg Amazing what progress has been made in less than a week’s time. No rehearsal on Monday but from what I’ve seen of these professionals, Informed Consent will continue to be on their minds even when they are not in the rehearsal hall on Woodbury Blvd. Thanks for sharing with me


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