Every visit is an adventure.

137329445313InformedVerticalGeva Blog #2 Informed Consent by the Perry’s  Feb 27 2014

This was a lively rehearsal that elicited  much connection from Griffin. He was eager to talk through the staging and found he had to restrain himself.

Griffin could tell today when actors hit their stride. He really identified with the “MOM” part of the rehearsal as his mom was sitting next to him and we had just had our own “MOM” moment when I picked him up to go.

Mom- “Picking you up for Geva in 10 minutes”

Griffin – “Really?”

Mom- “Get in”

He could picture the scene of going back and forth between discussion and parenting and noticed acutely when it seemed natural; laughing all the way through it.

Ultimately, the short time we spent today was transformative. I noted when we got in the car, with an air of parental self satisfaction, that “You seemed to have a good time.” Griffin stated “Yes I did. It always changes my mood.”

Griffin also found the memory of the actors impressive and noticed less use of the script.

I particularly enjoyed the joy and energy cast and crew had after a full day, as well as the difference positive interactions and quality of feedback makes in terms of a productive and collaborative culture. This is something that can be a struggle in my daily work with traumatized kids whose way of interacting does not always meet that standard.

Sean was patient in answering a question I had about how the tribe received the production of the play and described a bit of the experience of visiting. This feeling of respect was echoed in the notes sent out around the day. In these, it was noted, during review of the dancing, that the tribes dances were sacred and not going to be duplicated.

Every visit is an adventure.

Jen and Griffin


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