“Today’s rehearsal takes the cake” #roc #gevaDNA

FastHorse-smile-printThis past Saturday was a very different experience watching the rehearsal Geva. Up until now the rehearsals we had seen revolved around the script delivering lines for with emotion and character, and staging in motion. on Saturday the part of the rehearsal we entered into, involved Larissa Fast Horse showing people the choreography for a dance that happens at the end of the play where the blood of the tribe is returned. There had been audio taping at an earlier time and the actors were working on how the dancing and staging interacted with the music and the emotion of the piece. The way that this rehearsal progressed was in small steps (literally) and because there was no script to follow Griffin found it a more challenging rehearsal to watch.  The moments were about the minutia of putting together a larger creation that brought meaning to that singular moment in the play. As people went thru the steps, there wasn’t an immediate sense how that would translate into the fuller body. Griffin patiently watched and snuck out now and then for cake.

ASIDE: Stephie came over at the beginning of the rehearsal to let us know there had been a big board meeting with plenty of food left over including cookies and cake. Nothing to take over a 16 year olds mind and focus more effectively then the promise of sweets! (which I might point out he happily consumed in several trips.)

Before the end of the rehearsal however,a beautiful thing happened. All the minutia came together when it was decided to run through the entire piece to see what was there. As Griffin sat next to me I could feel the shift in his presence. We watched as the actors portrayed the return of the blood and the transformation from lab tech to tribe member to the exit from the stage.

“Wow” says my son “that was so cool how that turned out.”

Later we talked in the car about how the little details, that arent nearly as much fun to figure out, really can put the meaning into the whole piece.

One of the things I thought was particularly cool is that, while a play in general reflects the creative process, this rehearsal in particular reflected a collaboration that can only have come from the actors themselves. Any reproduction will look different with others involved.

By some of their own comments, the work that they were doing today was not their favorite thing to be doing but, Griffin and I are quite sure that the impact on the audience will be memorable and tangible in the end.

So…..todays rehearsal takes the cake.

Jen and Griffin


One thought on ““Today’s rehearsal takes the cake” #roc #gevaDNA

  1. So happy to read this excellent comment. I had hoped to see some of this part of rehearsal but my schedule has not worked out that way. So to be able to read about it was the next best thing. What a great experience for all of us, but especially for your son. I know theatre will be forever changed for him just as being a part of the Cohort has for the older members of the group.

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