“I witnessed how a play is made. I saw collaboration at its best.”

137329445313InformedVertical“Consensus is one of my favorite words. If you have every taken one of my Restorative Justice trainings, you know this. Consensus simply defined means general agreement. Consensus decision making is a a format where all participants involved consent to agreeable change. Consensus decision making concludes when everyone has had there say and is comfortable with the outcome. Often confused with compromise, everyone wins when consensus is reached. Compromise is like sticking one foot in a bucket of ice cold water, the other in burning hot water and saying, in the middle, it’s fine. Everyone loses something. Consensus means everyone wins.

I walked into rehearsal last Friday, frustrated that I would only have about an hour and change to observe. The cast was working on the opening, the 2 or 3 pages where they decide which story to tell. They worked this small section for over an hour, trying new techniques, adding and deleting lines, a beat here, a different beat there. For over an hour, the cast and creative team dissected this rapid passage that I originally barely noticed. But the significance came to me when I saw how important it was to get it right. I realized that this is the true moment that the story begins. And within this one hour, it all changed for me. Within this hour, I witnessed how a play is made. I saw collaboration at its best. Everyone seemed to have an idea on how to make it work. Every person was heard. Every opinion was respected. Every thought given weight.

1What resulted was true consensus. And that little 2 or 3 pages of script is now perfect.

It takes a village.

When you come see Informed Consent, running from March 18th – April, I hope you take notice of that quick dialogue and know that the true beauty and wonder and hard work and dedication and awesomeness of the theatre built that moment. Enjoy!” – Cohort Kelly Bush


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