“This play couldn’t have been written in any era but our own.”

Informed Consent2,0“It’s truly remarkable when a gifted playwright, a brilliant director, and five fine actors, lead us skillfully into confrontation with issues driven by the advances of science that humankind has never faced before. Even more so when it’s done in such a fashion that we can understand and accept all the divergent points of view. The play asks.”What is truly contained within the powerful moral and legal term “Informed Consent“?   In light of genome sequencing, just who are we? No! Really! Who are we? Our stories? Our gene patterns? Do we really want to know (from testing) what’s in store for us or our children if the news may be grim? Should we bring children who may be marked for illness into the world? Will our grandchildren be able to overcome mortality?

While watching the preparation of Geva’s next Main Stage production, the world premiere of Deborah Zoe Laufer’s Informed Consent, I find myself alternately nodding in agreement and feeling perplexed . I have empathy toward the suffering of these people who are like me. They love science.  They love their heritage,  I laugh at their foibles and come close to tears as they struggle with these powerful issues of morality and identity, hope and despair.. This play couldn’t have been written in any era but our own.”

Lew Ward-Baker, Cohort Member


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