Made In Rochester, For Rochester #roc

“As I have watched the development of these new plays, it is interesting to watch the playwright’s words come to life. The director and actors add so much to this. As other cohorts have mentioned, the time they take to create a back story or understand a motivation can make all the difference in how the words actually come alive on the stage.

But something I have noticed this time around, is the importance of the work of the dramaturg. The Literary Department at Geva is two and a half people. And the work that they do really can make the difference in how the play translates to the stage.

Mat Smart mentioned it when he handed out re-writes. The actors mention it when they talk about the information they got before they arrived here in Rochester. And, I’ve seen the questions about accuracy of props and timing during the rehearsals. This play is based in reality and so to be authentic these things much match what we know to be true (or can Google and find out is true.)

I was overwhelmed when I got the packet prepared for this play. And, I learned so much. Every person who sees the play can’t be expected to know all this information, but what a difference it makes to the actual production. This is another part of the play creating process that lives up to the Geva mantra – Made in Rochester For Rochester. I had no idea that so much was required to move a play from the page to the stage. But, as I sit in the cohort seat, I am learning more and more about how it all comes together and how many people and how much time it takes for us to have an evening of entertainment and hopefully something to think about for days or even weeks to come.” – Betti Abbas


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