Opening Night #roc


Tinker1Opening Night — Tinkers to Evers to Chance – By David and Anna Marie Barclay

As members of director Sean Daniels’ cohort club we have seen all of the stages of the Geva world premier production of Mat Smart’s Tinkers to Evers to Chance.  We learned of the skill and creativity and hard work that go into the set and the lighting and the sound and the staging, the figuring out how to make it all work in performance.  On opening night, no matter how aware we now were of what it takes for Geva to produce a play, all of that became seamless background to the fantastic acting of James Craven and Emily Kitchens.  I guess that is the true mark of professionalism; make it look easy – the set and lighting and stage management fade into the background and your attention is focused on the story.

Throughout the rehearsals, James and Emily were members of a team led by the director.  On opening night the play became theirs.

As members of the cohort we receive the daily follow-up notes from each performance from stage manager Frank Cavallo.  Following Sunday nights performance, the 4th performance of this play, Frank reported “They gave an excellent performance. There was real cohesion through the whole piece – really nice work emerging as they take it over”.   

138064262813TinkerVerticalThe actors now have made this play their own; they are the focus as they take the stage.  We can not forget, however, that they are backed up by a team of extremely talented and hardworking professionals who make all of the other parts work seamlessly in the background.  



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