Behind the Scenes: The Costume Shop

This post is part of the Behind the Scenes series, an introduction to all the departments at Geva and how they help make our shows happen. The costume shop is a bit of an anomaly in Geva's production departments. In general, theatre shops are tasked with producing good fakes: "hardwood floors" that are really painted-on … Continue reading Behind the Scenes: The Costume Shop


Fighting in the Dark

When the first words you hear on entering the rehearsal room are "You can even finish him off here if you want to," you know you're in for a treat. If you've seen either the film version of Wait Until Dark or the play it's based on (or if you have ever seen a thriller … Continue reading Fighting in the Dark

The WAIT Is Nearly Over…Meet the Wait Until Dark Cast

The cast of Wait Until Dark has a solid week of rehearsals under their belts - and the anticipation for this show is killing me! Directed by David Ira Goldstein, the cast includes: CRAIG BOCKHORN (Carlino) makes his Geva Theatre Center debut in Wait Until Dark. Broadway credits include On Golden Pond, The Lonesome West and … Continue reading The WAIT Is Nearly Over…Meet the Wait Until Dark Cast

We Want YOU… tell us a story! When was the last time you heard the phrase, “Not everything in life can be all about you…”? Annoying, right? Well, this fall, Geva is creating a new kind of play – and it is, in fact, all about you! We’re looking for your stories, your tales about Rochester, about … Continue reading We Want YOU…