From the Cohort Club: Geva’s Ripples by Meredith Reiniger

Cohort Report 25 January 2015
Meredith Reiniger

Geva’s ripples. Geva tossed a stone into the pool. The first professional theatre to create a Cohort Club, Geva has gained attention across the land with their unique connection to their community.
I knew I would be fascinated by the whole process. I had not expected to fall in love with the cast. I could not have imagined how deeply I would dive into the musical.
So I have purchased tickets to three performances. My subscription seat is in row B which meant I could study Seymour’s face as he sang his poignant song, feel the agony as Audrey sang her pain, could watch the company parade right by me. My second and third viewings will be from row H center seats so I can observe the magic created by director Sean Daniels and choreographer Wendy Seyb. Yes, I have already spent wonderful hours watching Little Shop Of Horrors grow from initial script read into standing-ovation performances. But there are additional benefits from being part of a full-house admiring audience.
The energy of each collection of theatre-goers is unique. I get to ride the waves of their participation. The laughs come at different times with different intensities. Older people catch the humor of time-period references. Younger and fun-loving persons emit giggles and guffaws.
About those ripples. Four of my friends, not subscribers (so far) have enjoyed reading our Cohort reports and so they have decided to see the show.
Actually, I bought another ticket. I am going to see a performance by students. High school kids who will be on Geva’s stage . . . acting and singing and dancing . . . in Geva’s set, in Geva’s beautiful, in the city, theatre. Their Student Matinee Series is a result of Geva’s empowering program P.L.A.Y. (Performance = Literature + Art + You). I look forward to sitting with that unique audience . . . parents, siblings, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and teachers. Now there’s an audience that really loves the cast.


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