A Cohort watches the show from the booth

FullSizeRender“Wednesday night I did a cool thing. Jenn Lyons, the Stage Manager for “Little Shop of Horrors” at Geva allowed me to sit over her shoulder with a headset and to experience how theater takes place. If it wasn’t for the stage manager, the actors would still be sitting in the green room and the patrons would have got tired of waiting and left.

That didn’t happen.

Through the coordination of actors, puppeteer, band, sound board operator, light board operator, spot light crew, stage hands, and assistant stage manager, Jenn cued everyone at the correct time for a smooth performance. I mentioned previously that in live theater hardly a performance passes that some abnormality has to be attended to.

Usually things go so well that the audience just sees the play and aren’t aware of all the behind the scenes things that need to happen in order for a performance of the caliber that we see at Geva to happen. The night I was there, a pneumatic problem made it difficult to move the rotating platform that the interior of the flower shop/alley back door scenery sits upon.

IMG_0535During intermission Jenn allowed me to accompany her backstage while she talked with Steffie, the ASM and others from the stage crew about how the problem was to be handled. That was cool. After the performance, Chris, one of the two spot light operators for the show took me onto the catwalk and explained the insides of a spotlight and how it worked.

That was cool.

The spot Jenn had asked me to meet her before the performance also turned out to be where Tom Parrish, Geva Executive Director likes to position himself before a performance. Surprise! I got an extra bonus of a nice conversation with him and an introduction to one of the Geva Board of Directors and his spouse. Also cool.
IMG_0536Sean Daniels said “education builds excitement”. I have learned so much and had so many positive experiences since getting involved with this Cohort program. Geva is definitely an asset to the community. I can’t say enough praise for how well I’ve been treated and how good the experience is making me feel.” – DeWitt Cosman


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