liberty bellCan you keep a secret? Because I can’t contain the news any more… We’ve set the dates for Journey to the Son, our festival celebrating the life and legacy of Son House. From August 26-29, Geva will host an incredible event, really like nothing the theatre has ever produced before.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s going to happen during those four days:

  • Nationally renowned, Grammy Award-winning musicians who were influenced by Son House (I’m not telling you who…yet…)  will be in Rochester, playing in our intimate 525 seat theatre, in celebration of his legacy and impact on their lives and musical styles.
  • Geva will unveil a new play about Son House written by Keith Glover (Rochester readers will remember the gorgeous play he wrote and directed which was produced here at Geva, called Thunder Knocking on the Door), in a concert-style reading.
  • Presentations will be given which chronicle the social, historical and cultural context of the blues and Son House’s impact on contemporary music, as well as the future of this legacy. One of those presentations will be given by Jim O’Neal, co-founding editor of Living Blues Magazine, recognized as one of the foremost experts on Mississippi Delta Blues.
  • We’ll be joined by Dick Waterman, Son’s former manager and one of the three men who launched the second phase of his career after finding him in Rochester in 1964. In addition to his ten years as Son’s manager, Dick is an amazing photographer, and will share with us some of his gorgeous images of Son and other famed blues musicians.
  • Those who knew Son House will be given opportunities to share their stories, and videos and other footage from the celebration will become part of a larger documentary-style piece celebrating his legacy.
  • And, at the risk of sounding like a commercial…so much more!

We’re keeping as much of the festival free as we can, and the events that will require paid attendance will be quite affordable. There will be a formal announcement of the schedule – including ALL of the exciting events and artists that I am not yet allowed to talk about – in the coming weeks. That will also tell you all about how to reserve a spot here at Geva – which you’re going to want to do, I promise you.

More soon…

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Blues Legend Son House – and spilling the beans #sonhouse

  1. Wonderful example of the amazing work that happens at Geva all the time. We are so fortunate to be in this city with all this amazing art. Thanks…looking forward to hearing the details!

  2. Still hoping you will find the importance in my video documentary about Son. I would like to participate if you felt it would add to the event!

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