sonhouse2I am really, really bad at keeping secrets. No kidding. My mom still tells the embarrassing story about how, as a 6 or 7 year old, I told her exactly what I had gotten her for Christmas, by telling her that I hadn’t gotten it for her. (It was a heart-shaped key chain, with her name on it. See how bad I am at this?)

So, you can imagine how hard it’s been for me over the last several months, as the details have come together for Geva’s Journey to the Son festival, celebrating Son House’s life and legacy. This festival is so cool, I have wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Instead, I’ve kept my little dances of joy about this artist or that artist to a minimum, and chatted about it only to the people who absolutely had to know what was happening. It is an enormous relief to share this schedule today!

My primary partner in crime and festival co-producer is Skip Greer, Geva’s director of education and artist in residence. We’ve had input from people all over Rochester and across the country, as well as the fantastic staff at Geva. We are so grateful for all of the advice, recommendations, introductions and other assistance we’ve had up to this point. Because we are storytellers, our goal with this festival was to really dig into the story of Son’s life – his journey from Mississippi to Rochester, his life here and on the road, and the legacy he left behind. We want to celebrate Son’s role in the blues, and Rochester’s place in music history. And we wanted it to be as accessible to everyone as possible. And let me tell you, from August 26-29, Geva is going to be one ROCKIN’ venue!

Here’s the link to the schedule as it is right now. We’ll get more information up in the coming weeks, and as we confirm more bands and other events, we’ll add them right into the schedule. So check it out, get ready to buy your tickets on June 15, and keep checking back for more updates!

And, of course, look forward to more blog posts about the festival, as we dig into each of these events, and share a little bit more about how things are developing!

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