Getting Ready to Celebrate: Son House’s Music

Journey to the Son, our four-day celebration of blues great Son House, kicks off in just one week, on Wednesday August 26. We’re pretty immersed in the blues around here already, but for anyone who needs a little help getting in the spirit, here are some great videos of Son performing some tunes.

First, here’s Son with one of his most famous songs, “Death Letter Blues,” which has been covered by numerous artists including the Grateful Dead, The White Stripes, Derek Trucks and one of the Journey to the Son headliners, Chris Thomas King:

Next, here’s Son performing “Levee Camp Blues,” a prime example of his signature slide guitar playing:

Here, Son and Buddy Guy perform “My Black Mama” for the CBS show “Camera 3” in 1968. “My Black Mama” will be featured in Daniel Beaumont’s presentation Son House’s Extended Family during Journey to the Son.

And finally, here’s another of Son’s biggest hits, “Grinnin’ in Your Face,” performed a capella:

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