A New War Record!

Kyle Hatley closed the run of An Iliad on a triumphant note yesterday. Before the show, he got one last crack at racing through the list of wars. The goal was to beat his record of 1:34, which he’d been struggling to do for a week. In fact, on Sunday he was determined to keep reciting the list, over and over, until he got it in 1:33 or less.

As it turns out, he was selling himself short. Kyle sped through the wars just once and finished at 1:27. Consider that old record crushed!

That warm-up set the tone for a great final performance, and now Kyle is on his way home, no doubt anxiously awaiting another chance to play the Poet and challenge his record again.

Kyle Hatley (the Poet) and Ray Castrey (the Musician) in the final pose of An Iliad. (Photo by Ron Heerkens, Jr.)

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