A Moon for the Misbegotten, Geva’s co-production with Theatre Royal in Waterford, Ireland, begins tech this afternoon. I caught up with scenic and costume designer Joe Vanek yesterday for a quick tour of the set. In the pictures here, Geva’s carpenters and painters are still hard at work, so I’m not sharing photos of the completed set. But take a look:

Moon set load-in 1


moon-set-load-in-6The set is dominated by a farmhouse, which Vanek says is intended as an evocation of reality. The house is based on the late nineteenth century shanties which you can still find in many rural places in the US.(Those cement feet were common in buildings of this kind.) But it’s also inspired by the paintings of Andrew Wyeth. The door below, Vanek says, is the best piece of painting on the set – the hue, shading and distressing on this door mirror so closely the Wyeth painting that inspired the design of the door – a painting called “The Blue Door.” (You can find examples of the original painting by searching for it on Google Image…)moon set load-in8

The flooring – seen below in process – will be given some additional flavor – it will be surrounded by a mixture of bark mulch, rubber crumb and peat moss, as if the field is encroaching upon the house.



And, of course, more details, like the farming equipment and others seen in the image below, will continue to be added throughout tech.Moon set load-in9


3 thoughts on “The Moon Rises

  1. I had the great pleasure of seeing the play on a trip to Belfast last weekend – I was lucky as I live in Scotland and it didn’t tour there.
    I thought it was extremely touching with barnstorming performances from all
    Was Moonstruck!

  2. Saw the show Friday – loved it! The ‘junk under the porch’ was perfect! As was the rest of the set, the acting, the lighting, the writing (of course), etc…

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