Starting 2017 with more cuteness

Happy New Year! I hope your 2017 is starting off on the right foot! We’re having a blast preparing for our production of Sylvia, and we can’t wait to share this comedy with you! To get you ready, more Geva staff members have shared photos of their dogs and cats – so get ready for more cuteness!

I think that, perhaps, my very favorite photo is Alana Sansone’s smiling dog. Alana is the director of finance and operations, and Genny is her family’s 14 year old dog – and what a happy looking lady! She even smiles in family photos!!


And then we have the late but never forgotten Biscuit, who was director of education and artist in residence, Skip Greer’s dog. Look at that face!



Administrative Assistant Catherine Siniscalco shared this photo of her family’s dog, Brandi. Brandi is seven, and loves to chew socks – also a favorite pastime of my dog’s…But the best part of this is the story behind her adoption – one day, Catherine’s sister brought the dog home, without their parents knowing a thing about it!! Ack! Fortunately, Brandi fit right into the family!

brent-and-his-ladiesDirector of Development Brent Murrill has two dogs – Bebe and Ripley. Bebe, the poodle, is nine, and Ripley is four. I love this story about Ripley, from Brent: “We were looking around the shelter and I had stopped by her cage a few times. The last time I stopped by, I stuck my finger in and she licked it. The attendant (who knew she had found the right owner) asked me if I wanted to hold her. The second she was in my arms, there was no turning back. She was originally named “Clairee” and came to the shelter with a litter of other sisters who were all named after characters from Steel Magnolias. While I’m certainly a fan of the work, I felt Ripley was a name more suited to her. She is named after actress Alice Ripley (because she’s fierce), though sometimes she’s more like Ellen Ripley from Alien.”dogs-in-the-mist

Costume Shop Manager Amanda Doherty shared this great photo of her dogs, Maggie and Henry. She says, “Both were rescues; Henry from Park-n-Bark Shelters in Spencerport and Maggie from Lollypop. And while we lost Maggie last Christmas to cancer, Henry is still a feisty 15 year old.”


And then we’ve got Scott Falkowski, manager of donor engagement and special events. Scott and husband Dan adopted Albus Dumbledog two years ago, and gave him a little brother, Percy, just this fall. Too cute for words, these two – dogs and dads! albus-and-percy

Finally, CATS! Here are Gazpacho (left) and Liam (right), both seven years old, the cats of draper Janice Ferger. Here’s the great story about these two: “Back in 2009, my mother was doing yard work during her school’s Easter Break and our dog Jerry was going crazy about something in the garage. It turned out to be a bucket of kittens! My mother took the mother cat and kittens into her house and worked to find homes for all of them. I was originally going to just take one kitten, but my then husband and I couldn’t agree which kitten to take so we took two. I am so glad we did! They are such lovable fluffy goofballs.”falling-leaves

And last but not least, the grand dame, the most senior of all of the feline and canine citizens, Shadow, costume craftsperson Jessica Paulter’s family’s 20 year old calico. Jessica says that she STILL has a 5-foot vertical leap! Talk about nine lives – Jessica shares this story: “She’s abnormally small. While a kitten, she was first caught in a car engine, requiring minor surgery on a paw, and then later went through a ride in a clothes dryer. Her growth was permanently stunted.” Yikes. What a trooper!



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