The Lake Effect is On Its Way

Today is the first day of tech rehearsals – the time when we add lighting, costumes, sound effects, and all the props and scenery to the play – for The Lake Effect. With our first preview just two days away, this could be a bit nerve-wracking, but now that we’re halfway through the day AND halfway through the play, everyone is feeling pretty confident. It’s always so fun to watch those tech elements build up the world of the play: David Arsenault’s set adds a sense of nostalgia and claustrophobia for characters Vijay and Priya, who return to their childhood home in the play; Seth Reiser’s lighting adds the bright glare of a snowy winter day in the Great Lakes region while Daniel Perelstein’s sound design reminds us of the storm raging outside; and Amanda Doherty’s costumes help transform the actors we’ve gotten to know over the past few weeks of rehearsal into their characters.

The Lake Effect scenic rendering by David L. Arsenault

We’ve been especially lucky with this show to get two extra days on stage. Usually, we’d stay upstairs in the rehearsal hall, with plastic tables standing in for the show furniture and tape on the floor marking walls and doors, until the first day of tech. But this time, Technical Director Erik Benson and his crew got the set installed early enough that we moved onto the stage on Saturday. Having that time for the cast to get used to the size of the theatre, the space backstage, and things like having walls they could really lean against (instead of miming leaning against the air), has been a big help as we start adding the rest of the tech elements.

With exciting progress happening inside the theatre and, after a weird January warm spell, some real winter weather happening outside, I’m looking forward to seeing tomorrow how The Lake Effect comes together!


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