Geva is thrilled to present the world premiere of Other Than Honorable, written by Jamie Pachino and directed by Kimberly Senior, running April 25-May 21! As our team plunges into tech rehearsals, we’re offering a behind-the-scenes series on how Geva constructs a new play for the Wilson Stage:

Testing a projection cue while stage management congregates to discuss transitions…

Getting Some Screen Time: Projections in Other Than Honorable

In the following linked video clips, Other Than Honorable projection designer Miles Polaski tests out his media designs, first on a ½-inch model of the Other Than Honorable set, and then on the completed wall built on the Wilson Stage. Miles said of his design, “Projections will assist in giving the audience a sense of location during scenes, and during transitions we hope projections will help us understand passage of time.” In addition, the projections will help us depict protagonist Grace Rattigan’s Skype conversations with her deployed husband, Billy, as well as a few other media surprises. “Now the trick becomes how to blend these styles and conventions into one seamless design,” Miles says. “This we will discover during technical rehearsals.”

Testing the projections before tech rehearsals begin.

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