Geva is thrilled to present the world premiere of  Other Than Honorable, written by Jamie Pachino and directed by Kimberly Senior, running April 25-May 21! As our team plunges into tech rehearsals, we’re offering a behind-the-scenes series on how Geva constructs a new play for the Wilson Stage:


Now that we’re in our preview performances of Other Than Honorable, let’s take a look back at all the work our scenic, lighting and sound, and electrics teams completed over the course of a week in order to get the Wilson Stage ready for tech rehearsals and previews:

Installing the Wall

The checker-board wall at the center of the Other Than Honorable set is suspended over the stage, so that it can function independently from the double-turntable. These squares will also become projection surfaces over the course of the play. According to scenic designer Jack Magaw, the wall “reflects the size and pressure of the military, but it’s fractured – like the puzzle pieces that Grace has to put together as she pursues this case.”






Finding Our Light…

Our lighting and electrics teams hang new lighting instruments on trusses (support beams) lowered to reach the stage. They can also adjust the permanent lighting fixtures above from the grid above the stage, or from a forklift.





The Great Work Continues…

Geva’s Technical Director, Erik Benson (standing on the right) surveys the set in progress, now with a first coat of paint.
Beginning to test how the set looks under stage lights…


Ready to Run the Show!

Our tech table is ready and waiting for our management team to take over tech rehearsals! Stage Manager Frank Cavallo will be giving directions from the “God mic” shown here.
Projection Designer Miles Polaski and the team making adjustments and centering the projector before the actors arrive to run the show.




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