Maj. Janine Garner (a Captain at the time this photo was taken) in Iraq on her second deployment in 2007. She is one of 100 Marine Corps women who signed a public letter protesting sexual harassment in the Marines. Photo originally published by NPR.


Just days before we opened the world premiere of Jamie Pachino‘s Other Than Honorable, directed by Kimberly Senior, NPR’s All Things Considered interviewed Maj. Janine Garner about the ongoing investigations of Marines sexually harassing their fellow female Marines. Maj. Garner was part of a group of 100 Marine Corps women who wrote a public letter denouncing the Marines’ culture of sexism, and pledging to hold themselves and their fellow service members accountable for changing that culture. NPR included the letter in their report. The document is an inspiring testament to these women’s strength, and its sentiment perfectly captures why plays like Other Than Honorable are necessary to dismantle sexism and misogyny in our military and our society: Check out the full NPR report and the Marines’ letter here.


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