Fringe is almost here! Opening night is still 3 days away, and this evening we start welcoming our guest performers into the building to rehearse their shows. Time for the next installment of the Road to Fringe series.

Today, choreographer Mariah Maloney describes the collaboration that brings us Julia Burrer/Mariah Maloney: Intimate Works.

d5ba7f34a9687d9e7c0eb5c090cfc0fc_200@2xTwo longtime New York City dancers/choreographers, Julia Burrer (Doug Varone and Dancers) and Mariah Maloney (Trisha Brown Dance Company), join together for the first time to share an evening of intimate works. This premiere of solo, duet and ensemble work delves into each choreographer’s rich embodied investigations.

Burrer and Maloney bring forward an ephemeral laboratory as they explore a duet with the feeling of sheets of rain falling through the atmosphere, the two artists dancing their embodied history in this moment.

Julia Burrer and Ben Wolk (of the feather theory), both new artists to the Rochester Fringe Festival, join together for their first choreographic collaboration, Angle of Repose, a metaphor for one’s potential. Walking the line between friction and letting go, between falling and building up again, this work examines the physical and personal thresholds of two masses, two bodies, two people.

de920ea0ec186454d26c68d81e23ddd3Maloney (a seasoned Fringe Artist)  brings forward diverse music and movement collaborations. Maloney’s collaboration with composer Loren Loiacano brings a new work to the Festival.  Taking a trip to Ireland, Maloney performs the vibrant solo dance, Irish Solo: Turas, a solo choreography infused with the mood, rhythms and textures of Traditional Irish Music played by Lad Lane of Dublin, Ireland.  Maloney’s “Filter,” a highly articulate choreography, develops a conversation with JoAnne Maffia’s haunting music composition.

Recent Press:

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