Stephen Sondheim on What Makes a Good Musical

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Stephen Sondheim. He said a lot of smart things about musicals and theatre, but the part I remember best was something he said during the Q&A. At the time, there was a new production running on Broadway of West Side Story - which … Continue reading Stephen Sondheim on What Makes a Good Musical

The Epic Music of An Iliad

If you've read Homer's Iliad, you probably have a pretty good idea what a feat it is for a single actor to bring the poetic epic to life. But Kyle Hatley, who plays the Poet in the Fielding Stage production of An Iliad, isn't the only one on stage with a big job; Raymond Castrey, the Music Director and sole … Continue reading The Epic Music of An Iliad

2016 2 Pages/2 Voices Selections Announced

Each January, Geva collaborates with Writers & Books to present 2 Pages/2 Voices, an evening of short short plays written by area writers and read by area actors. Each play can be only two pages long, with only two characters. This year, plays were also required to include the word "queen," in honor of the … Continue reading 2016 2 Pages/2 Voices Selections Announced

Interview with a Lion

Benjamin Scheuer's one-man musical The Lion opened in Geva's Fielding Stage on Friday night and will run for 9 more performances this week. Ben, who besides performing the show is also continuing to write new songs and plan new projects, graciously agreed to share with us the story of creating The Lion. What was the process of writing The Lion? John Lennon … Continue reading Interview with a Lion

Rothko: The Real Thing

By Jean Gordon Ryon, dramaturg If only I could show you a Rothko. In conversation with audience members during this preview week for Red, I’ve discovered some people don’t think they know about Rothko; some are not sure he’s a real person. His signature painting style is very recognizable: rectangles of intense color floating on … Continue reading Rothko: The Real Thing