Out of the Rehearsal Hall with Rasean Davonte Johnson

an Davonte Johnson, who designed projections for Geva’s productions of Thurgood and Ring of Fire. If you’ve seen Ring of Fire, Geva’s first post-pandemic in-person performances, and our first ever outdoor show, no doubt you've found yourself captivated by the fascinating visual story that Davonte’s projections tell in celebration of Johnny Cash’s life and legacy.

An Inside Look at the Making of REVIVAL with Playwright & Director Keith Glover

REVIVAL The Resurrection of Son House has been in the works here at Geva for almost five years now. This electric story about a man’s journey to redemption through heavenly trials and singing the Blues has come a long, ever-evolving, loop-de-looping way from the script it started out as. In the scant free time between … Continue reading An Inside Look at the Making of REVIVAL with Playwright & Director Keith Glover


Perhaps unbeknownst to some viewers, The Royale by award-winning writer Marco Ramirez is based on two real-life fighters and a real-life bout that happened in 1910—one that has since gone down in history as the “Fight of the Century.” African American fighter Jack Johnson’s defeat of Canadian Tommy Burns was an affront to turn-of-the-century Jim … Continue reading SMACK TALK

Rolling with the Punches in Marco Ramirez’s ROYALE

The Royale, a play by award-winning Sons of Anarchy and Orange is the New Black writer Marco Ramirez, hits our Fielding stage April 11th and boy does it pack a punch. (Yes, prepare for the boxing puns.) Ramirez has set The Royale’s stage between 1905 and 1910. By the prime of his pugilist-protagonist Jay Jackson’s … Continue reading Rolling with the Punches in Marco Ramirez’s ROYALE

“This complexity is what makes us all…American.”

As Native Gardens heads into its second week on the Wilson stage, it has me thinking a lot about neighborly controversy. Part of the reason the contention between the Butleys and Del Valles is so ridiculous is because they actually agree on a lot of things. First off, no one is denying that the Del … Continue reading “This complexity is what makes us all…American.”

“Believe it or not…people can get very weird about their plants.”

Karen Zacarías’s Native Gardens hits Geva’s Wilson Stage March 26th. In this brilliant backyard comedy, a little squabble over square-footage turns into an all out turf war as a quartet of people from completely different corners of the country come together as next door neighbors, and inevitably clash in their attempt to clean up their … Continue reading “Believe it or not…people can get very weird about their plants.”

Geva Welcomes Back Pam Sherman

Margaret and Allison Engle’s Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End returns to Geva Theatre’s Fielding stage in T-minus one week, and we couldn’t be more excited. Back to reprise the show’s starring role is Rochester’s very own “Suburban Outlaw” Pam Sherman, columnist for the Democrat and Chronicle by day, sidesplitting iron-board guru by night. You may … Continue reading Geva Welcomes Back Pam Sherman

How to be Human

Before rehearsals for Stephen Karam's play The Humans even began, director Mark Cuddy made a point to get a few Blake family rules established with the cast. Because is it really a family Thanksgiving if there aren’t those little touchy subjects everyone knows not to bring up over dinner? There are three rules which pretty much … Continue reading How to be Human

The Author’s Voice: Lila Rose Kaplan

With the first performance of THE MAGICIAN'S DAUGHTER coming up tonight, it seems like a great time to share some thoughts from playwright Lila Rose Kaplan on the play, her writing career, and the things that inspire her. Unfortunately, she and the whole creative team are pretty busy this afternoon. But don't worry, I've got something up my sleeve.

She’s Not a Sheriff, but She Plays One on Stage

As Sheriff Terry Burton in HARD CELL, Jen Cody does and says some pretty hilarious things - but she took her preparations for the role quite seriously. Her research included a Saturday night ride-along during the second week of rehearsals with an officer from the Ontario County Sheriff's Department.