She’s Not a Sheriff, but She Plays One on Stage

As Sheriff Terry Burton in HARD CELL, Jen Cody does and says some pretty hilarious things - but she took her preparations for the role quite seriously. Her research included a Saturday night ride-along during the second week of rehearsals with an officer from the Ontario County Sheriff's Department.

HARD CELL Playwright Brent Askari Talks Comedy

One week into rehearsals for the world premiere of HARD CELL, the cast is doing some great work and our sides are all a little sore from laughing. Playwright Brent Askari has been busy polishing the script and tweaking jokes so they land just right, but he also took some time to share with us some thoughts about what makes things funny and where this play came from.

Occupational Hazards for Dramaturgs

As a dramaturg, the most serious danger I'm aware of at work is a bad papercut. At least, as far as my physical safety is concerned. Preparing for the production of Hard Cell, which starts rehearsals tomorrow, has made me think of a whole different type of risk. In this world of mass data collection and monitoring of online activity, what do my internet searches say about me?