The Industry of Colorism: A History of Whitewashing in Hollywood

Whitewashing: when characters are written as global majority but are not cast authentically and the roles are given to white actors without changing the character's race to being white. OR when characters are written as global majority and then deliberately changed to being white and given to white actors.

The Changemakers are Out of the Rehearsal Hall

The importance of passing on our history to future generations is one of the highlights from episode 3-2 of Out of the Rehearsal Hall, featuring the Changemakers exhibit at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

Storyteller Christopher Rivas is Out of the Rehearsal Hall

The latest episode of Out of the Rehearsal Hall features the writer and performer of this season's The Real James Bond...Was Dominican, Christopher Rivas. He is an incredible storyteller in any medium, and in this episode, he talks about the climate crisis and the beauty of this world, Porfirio Rubirosa (inspiration for James Bond) and just how vital it is to see people who look like you in stories that inspire you, and the power of telling stories from the heart. Geva's company manager Angela Giuseppetti co-hosts.

Playwright/Director Chay Yew’s World of Possibilities

In the first podcast episode of 2021, we’re thrilled to feature a conversation with playwright/director/producer, Chay Yew. We’ll all have an opportunity to see his work as a director this winter, with his direction of Brian Quijada’s Where Did We Sit on the Bus? And long-time Geva audiences may remember the production of Naomi Iizuka’s 36 Views, which Chay also directed. Pirronne Yousefzadeh joins Jenni Werner for this inspirational conversation that really focuses on the ways in which we can all open doors for others to follow us, and create opportunities for the next generation to grow and succeed.