Imagining a World Through Sound: Designers Christie Chiles Twillie and Larry Fowler

Jenni Werner and Esther Winter interview sound designers Larry Fowler and Christie Chiles Twillie about building worlds through sound and just how pivotal sound design is in COVID-era theatre experiences.

How Sweet the Sound

How Sweet the Sound My Life as a Cohort Leslie Locketz March 1, 2014 Yesterday, the director, stage managers, dramaturg and cast of Informed Consent spent several hours collaborating on music and dance with the sound designer/composer, Matt Callahan. Larissa, one of the five actors in the play, also served as the choreographer. Dance and … Continue reading How Sweet the Sound

Change & Tech!

Tech begins today!  For the whole LAST GAS team - it's a time of transition.  The set pieces and props are all seamlessly transported on and backstage by our amazing crew. Costumes are hung in the dressing rooms and our designers are here to make magic. Skip, the director, starts looking at the production in … Continue reading Change & Tech!

Getting to Know You: Audio Engineer Ian Hildredth

If you're ever looking for a witty comment about almost anything, search out Mark Twain. As I was thinking about how to introduce this next Geva staffer, I was trying to think about sound, about how sound in the theatre is not just music, not just amplification, and I came across this, from Twain: "Noise … Continue reading Getting to Know You: Audio Engineer Ian Hildredth

Original Music being created for BOOK CLUB PLAY

For BOOK CLUB PLAY, sound designer Matt Callahan is creating original music - it's in the early stages, but listen here as it comes together. Yesterday he emailed the song and this note: "Think it needs another piece. Happy? and some typewriter noises. There's some Getty Lee about it." asked where he thinks it goes, … Continue reading Original Music being created for BOOK CLUB PLAY

What does an existential debate sound like?

A good question - and one that only sound designer Dan Roach can answer! He shared with the Geva staff this great story about the journey he took to arrive at the sound design for Geva's production of Freud's Last Session, directed by Skip Greer. The rest of this blog post is Dan's story. I … Continue reading What does an existential debate sound like?