An Inside Look with a Literary Intern

We’re barreling toward opening night of Sister Act, which sadly marks the end of my time as a literary intern at Geva Theatre Center. It’s been a lot of fun working with everyone here, and getting to see a show come to life the way Sister Act has is utterly amazing. I attended Sister Act’s … Continue reading An Inside Look with a Literary Intern

December Holidays Around the World (Part 2)

This post is part of a series exploring international celebrations in the month of December. A Christmas Carol is cherished by those who celebrate Christmas, yet other holidays around the world feature their own annual customs. Goa Liberation Day (Dec. 19) India earned its independence from Britain in 1947. The province of Goa, 250 miles … Continue reading December Holidays Around the World (Part 2)

Demystifying the Role of Intimacy Director

Rocío Mendez (they/she) was brought onto Vietgone as the fight, movement, and intimacy director before the COVID-19 pandemic. in June 2020, Rocío joined us for an episode of Geva's Out of the Rehearsal Hall podcast when production was halted. Since that time, they have worked as fight consultant on the bilingual radio adaptation Romeo y … Continue reading Demystifying the Role of Intimacy Director

The Steps to a Perfect Set Design: Bringing to Life Dmitri’s Restaurant for Slow Food

When walking into a theatre, the stage is typically one of the first things a person's eye is drawn to. Often, the set can hint at what kind of performance that person is going to see - the location, the time period, the tone, etc. Each element of the set design is a symbol to be digested and interpreted by an audience that influences the way they experience the show.

She’s Not a Sheriff, but She Plays One on Stage

As Sheriff Terry Burton in HARD CELL, Jen Cody does and says some pretty hilarious things - but she took her preparations for the role quite seriously. Her research included a Saturday night ride-along during the second week of rehearsals with an officer from the Ontario County Sheriff's Department.