A Labor of Love

The Other Josh Cohen, by David Rossmer and Steve Rosen, is running onstage now until February 4th. It's a deceptive little musical – on the page, it’s a playful story that unfolds cleverly and simply, occasionally breaking into song. But in the reality of the theatre, it’s a whole other animal. In order to create this … Continue reading A Labor of Love


Erma Bombeck Heads for the Geva Stage

As we prepare for the mutli-talented Erma Bombeck to make her appearance on the Fielding Stage at Geva Theatre Center, we chat with actress Pam Sherman.

Meet IN THE HEIGHTS Choreographer Julio Agustin

Choreographer Julio Agustin joins Geva Theatre Center for our first production of the 2017-2018 season, In the Heights! Julio has performed on Broadway in some excellent shows you may be familiar with - including Chicago and the revival of Bells Are Ringing, in addition to appearing in the original Broadway companies of Fosse, Never Gonna Dance, Steel Pier, and Women on … Continue reading Meet IN THE HEIGHTS Choreographer Julio Agustin

Witnessing the Mockingbird

According to Cuddy, "The Teen Chorus was inspired by the fact that we're producing this play in 2016 - I didn't want the production to feel like a slice of history. It's really related to so much happening in our world today."

Blocking Begins in the Rehearsal Room

Director Skip Greer reports that Stephen Caffrey and John Ford-Dunker, our actors in Red, are up on their feet - blocking has begun. What, you might ask, does this mean? "Blocking" refers to the specific movements that actors make on the stage - where they go, when they go there, how they move (the tempo, … Continue reading Blocking Begins in the Rehearsal Room