Step into the Artistic Process

When we think about a masterful piece of artistic expression – visual art, poetry, music, theatre, dance, etc. – how often do we really consider how that artwork came to be? Intellectually, we know that there is a process to creativity: it takes time and a fair amount of trial and error to create something … Continue reading Step into the Artistic Process


Malala in America’s HEARTLAND

“One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world” - Malala Yousafzai Getee Banks of Gabriel Jason Dean’s Heartland is a foreign aid worker who goes to teach in the girls’ section of the Blue Sky School in Maidan Shar, Afghanistan, the country from which she herself was adopted. Getee navigates … Continue reading Malala in America’s HEARTLAND

Meet Gabriel Jason Dean, Playwright of HEARTLAND

The world premiere of Gabriel Jason Dean’s play HEARTLAND is coming to Geva Theatre Center’s Fielding Stage and will run from March 17th to April 1st. A story of love, loss, and language, HEARTLAND follows the relationship that develops between distinguished University of Nebraska Comparative Literature professor, Dr. Harold Banks, and Afghan refugee, Nazrullah, when Nazrullah … Continue reading Meet Gabriel Jason Dean, Playwright of HEARTLAND

The Writers in Our Backyard

This week, the annual 2 Pages/2 Voices event took place at Writers & Books. 2 Pages/2 Voices is collaboration between Geva Theatre Center and Writers & Books, Rochester’s literary center. Every year we accept submissions of plays that are only two pages long and only have two characters. We select ten of them, and, during … Continue reading The Writers in Our Backyard

Rehearsing a Revival #sonhouse

Seldom does a table reading of a new play leave me humming songs for days. But this week, I'm still ruminating on the songs in Keith Glover's new play, Revival: The Resurrection of Son House. We held a closed-door workshop of the play last week with an amazing cast, and what a week it was! … Continue reading Rehearsing a Revival #sonhouse