A Look at Gevas Past Playbills

Within Geva's Lipson Lounge, underwritten by Dawn Lipson and the late Dr. Jacques Lipson, there is a collection of all the playbills from every show ever produced at Geva. But unfortunately, there's almost an entire decade missing from the collection. Recently, I had the opportunity to go through a large number of donated playbills, in an attempt … Continue reading A Look at Gevas Past Playbills

Puttin’ on our drinkin’ shoes…

Last night in rehearsal, we ran the first act of Pump Boys and Dinettes, and I have to tell you - my toes are still tapping! To give you a sense of the atmosphere we're creating onstage, here's the white model, from set designer Vicki Smith. (To see how we got here, check out my … Continue reading Puttin’ on our drinkin’ shoes…

THE 39 STEPS model is in #geva39

It came with all kinds of tiny set pieces that roll on and off - but we wanted you to see it in all it's bare majesty first! Designed by Michael Raiford - who was here last year for BOOK CLUB PLAY and will be back in the Spring  with INFORMED CONSENT. We're finishing up … Continue reading THE 39 STEPS model is in #geva39

Do What You Love!

Great thoughts from Lara on the kick off of our 41st season (and our tasty company picnic).

Newlyweds in New York

photo 3

Yesterday afternoon was our company picnic at Durand Eastman Park, in a large rustic picnic shelter with family style wooden picnic tables and benches overlooking the sandy beach and blue waters of Lake Ontario, with a large adjacent expanse of soft grass and shady trees for running children and the playing of lawn games. Can I just say that all Monday afternoons should be so lovely!? I could get used to it. Really, I could adapt.

About 50 folks from our staff at the theatre, along with their families and our current visiting playwright (two-time Tony Award Winner for Urinetown, Greg Kotis – our other visiting playwrights for the year include Karen ZacariasEric Coble, Mat Smart, John Cariani, and Deborah Zoe Laufer) made it out to the beach for delicious grilled burgers, brats, baked beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, unbelievably fantastic cream puffs…

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Sean reports from Scotland #edfringe

Hey friends, I wanted to give you an update on what I've been working on. I just got back from Scotland and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I also wanted to post it, as it's one of the projects I'm the most proud of to have been a part of. It's Benjamin Scheuer's one man auto-biographical … Continue reading Sean reports from Scotland #edfringe

39 Steps Set Design, almost to prelims

A day off from working on the script of INFORMED CONSENT meant a day on working with set designer Michael Raiford on the set design of THE 39 STEPS! Our prelims (our first share with the larger staff) are due this Sunday, so this is our last chance to organize and clarify our thinking before … Continue reading 39 Steps Set Design, almost to prelims

Get Unlimited Behind The Scenes Access at Geva.

Hey friends, Did you read about Geva’s Cohort Club, and find yourself wishing for the opportunity to participate yourself? Check out the blog here for all the details: https://gevajournal.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/clubbing-at-geva/ Well, now’s your chance! Following the success of our pilot program,we’re expanding this year to let more people be a part of our artistic immersion experiment … Continue reading Get Unlimited Behind The Scenes Access at Geva.

TACTICS: interview with Julie Felise Dubiner

Great article from friend and colleague Julie Felise Dubiner.

Works by Women San Francisco

Welcome to the TACTICS (Theater Artists’ Collected Thoughts Insights Challenges & Strategies for Gender Parity Advocacy) interview series curated by Amy Clare Tasker.

Women are underrepresented on and off stage. The problem is clear. The causes are thorny, complex, and controversial; the solutions equally so. Many women and men have worked toward change for decades, and more are now asking, “What can we do?” The TACTICS interview series investigates what our community is already doing, what we’ve tried, and what we can do next to advocate for equal and better representation of women in theater.

Julie Felise Dubiner

Associate Director American Revolutions: The United States History Cycle
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

ACT: Who are you? Can you give me some background on how you came to be an advocate for gender parity in theater?

I’m Julie Felise Dubiner. I’ve been working in professional theater for over 20 years now –…

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