Occupational Hazards for Dramaturgs

As a dramaturg, the most serious danger I'm aware of at work is a bad papercut. At least, as far as my physical safety is concerned. Preparing for the production of Hard Cell, which starts rehearsals tomorrow, has made me think of a whole different type of risk. In this world of mass data collection and monitoring of online activity, what do my internet searches say about me?

Let’s talk about Dramaturgy

It has been 3 months and 19 days since my first day here at Geva Theatre Center as a Literary Intern. Walking in on my first day, I was feeling a number of emotions, from nervous and shy to excited and simply in awe of everything around me. And after writing for the Geva Journal this long, … Continue reading Let’s talk about Dramaturgy

Why We Make ‘Em Laugh

I watched Miracle on South Division Street six times last week. That's every preview performance plus Saturday's opening night. A lot of my colleagues were surprised to see me in the lobby after the show, night after night. The production had been in great shape even before the first performance - things were going so smoothly, … Continue reading Why We Make ‘Em Laugh

A Visit to Our Lady of Seneca Street

Miracle on South Division Street is a fun show to work on for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons, at least for me, was the chance to combine my love of theatre and my love of road trips! The play is set in author Tom Dudzick's hometown of Buffalo, and it was inspired by … Continue reading A Visit to Our Lady of Seneca Street

On Falling In Love Again…And Again

On this blog, we try to give our readers an insight into the theatrical process, a window into how artists move from having an idea on a page to seeing the production on a stage. Sometimes we share with you what might appear to be small details, like the process for creating a pregnancy belly … Continue reading On Falling In Love Again…And Again

…And now for something completely different

With Freud's Last Session "mesmerizing" audiences in the mainstage (check out the Democrat and Chronicle review here), we turn our attention to Geva's Festival of New Theatre, or FONT, as we lovingly refer to it. Jean and Becca have shared some great insights with you about what the next two weeks will hold, and Sean gave you … Continue reading …And now for something completely different