Perhaps unbeknownst to some viewers, The Royale by award-winning writer Marco Ramirez is based on two real-life fighters and a real-life bout that happened in 1910—one that has since gone down in history as the “Fight of the Century.” African American fighter Jack Johnson’s defeat of Canadian Tommy Burns was an affront to turn-of-the-century Jim … Continue reading SMACK TALK

Rolling with the Punches in Marco Ramirez’s ROYALE

The Royale, a play by award-winning Sons of Anarchy and Orange is the New Black writer Marco Ramirez, hits our Fielding stage April 11th and boy does it pack a punch. (Yes, prepare for the boxing puns.) Ramirez has set The Royale’s stage between 1905 and 1910. By the prime of his pugilist-protagonist Jay Jackson’s … Continue reading Rolling with the Punches in Marco Ramirez’s ROYALE

Geva Welcomes Back Pam Sherman

Margaret and Allison Engle’s Erma Bombeck: At Wit’s End returns to Geva Theatre’s Fielding stage in T-minus one week, and we couldn’t be more excited. Back to reprise the show’s starring role is Rochester’s very own “Suburban Outlaw” Pam Sherman, columnist for the Democrat and Chronicle by day, sidesplitting iron-board guru by night. You may … Continue reading Geva Welcomes Back Pam Sherman