Step into the Artistic Process

When we think about a masterful piece of artistic expression – visual art, poetry, music, theatre, dance, etc. – how often do we really consider how that artwork came to be? Intellectually, we know that there is a process to creativity: it takes time and a fair amount of trial and error to create something … Continue reading Step into the Artistic Process


A FORTUNE-ate Interview…

They say fortune favors the brave, and they also say that fortune favors the prepared mind (although that doesn't sound as poetic...). As I think about writer/director Deborah Zoe Laufer's play Fortune, running on Geva's Fielding Stage from Oct. 4-21, both phrases feel somehow appropriate. It takes courage to reinvent yourself artistically, and artists are continually … Continue reading A FORTUNE-ate Interview…

Introducing THURGOOD

With Hair running on the Wilson Stage and the Fringe Festival on the Fielding Stage, Geva's Rehearsal Hall is being prepped for the beginning of Thurgood rehearsals, which start next week. This play, written by George Stevens, Jr., is a tour de force for one actor, as the audience engages directly with former Supreme Court justice Thurgood … Continue reading Introducing THURGOOD

The Importance of Hair in Steel Magnolias

In Geva Theatre's upcoming show, Steel Magnolias, the entire story takes place inside Truvy's Hair Hut. And there's no place quite like a hair salon to bring people together.

A Weekend Spent in PANORAMA

This weekend I was able to witness what it was like to see a show in the very beginning of its life, beginning with a piece that is seldom thought of in the creation of it all, the script.

A Conversation with One House Over’s Justin Huen

As Geva Theatre prepares for the opening of its third world premiere this season with One House Over, there are several people who have already been down this road. The director and cast of this show are fresh from a run at Milwaukee Rep that opened in February. All they have to do now is adjust … Continue reading A Conversation with One House Over’s Justin Huen