Jewish Youth during the Holocaust

Anne Frank became the voice for millions of Jews who were a part of the Holocaust. But something that often gets overlooked is the fact that her vivacious voice came from a thirteen year old girl. Whenever the Holocaust is discussed, we tend to look at it as a statistic. Up to 6 million Jews were killed, … Continue reading Jewish Youth during the Holocaust


Behind the Scenes of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank  has begun its first week of performances at Geva Theatre Center, I sat in on the technical rehearsal before the first public audience. You may not know that before the theatre is filled with an audience, it is filled with tables. And sitting at these tables are the director, lighting designer, scenic … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Anne Frank

The Journey of Anne Frank’s Diary

Rehearsals for The Diary of Anne Frank are well underway here at Geva Theatre Center. So let's take a look at the diary that has traveled through so many hoops to become the well-loved classic it is today.

The Writers in Our Backyard

This week, the annual 2 Pages/2 Voices event took place at Writers & Books. 2 Pages/2 Voices is collaboration between Geva Theatre Center and Writers & Books, Rochester’s literary center. Every year we accept submissions of plays that are only two pages long and only have two characters. We select ten of them, and, during … Continue reading The Writers in Our Backyard

A Labor of Love

The Other Josh Cohen, by David Rossmer and Steve Rosen, is running onstage now until February 4th. It's a deceptive little musical – on the page, it’s a playful story that unfolds cleverly and simply, occasionally breaking into song. But in the reality of the theatre, it’s a whole other animal. In order to create this … Continue reading A Labor of Love