Out of the Rehearsal Hall with Mikael Burke

In Episode Ten of Out of the Rehearsal Hall, Geva's Assistant Literary Director Fran Da Silveira joins me once again for an invigorating conversation with director Mikael Burke. We talk about the impact of music and silence on our understanding of language, about creating a personal artistic mission, and we envision a bold new theatre coming out of this pandemic. Oh, and Fran reveals the connection between stalking and dramaturgical research...

The Next Great Rochesterian Playwrights at Young Writers Showcase 2017

Last Saturday, May 6th, Geva’s Literary Department hosted the annual Young Writers Showcase on the Fielding Stage. This year’s event featured six student playwrights, all selected from an open submission pool of local students. The competition, produced by Geva’s New Plays Coordinator, Jean Gordon Ryon, is open to Rochester writers ages 13-18, and the winners … Continue reading The Next Great Rochesterian Playwrights at Young Writers Showcase 2017

Rehearsing a Revival #sonhouse

Seldom does a table reading of a new play leave me humming songs for days. But this week, I'm still ruminating on the songs in Keith Glover's new play, Revival: The Resurrection of Son House. We held a closed-door workshop of the play last week with an amazing cast, and what a week it was! … Continue reading Rehearsing a Revival #sonhouse

We Want YOU…

...to tell us a story! When was the last time you heard the phrase, “Not everything in life can be all about you…”? Annoying, right? Well, this fall, Geva is creating a new kind of play – and it is, in fact, all about you! We’re looking for your stories, your tales about Rochester, about … Continue reading We Want YOU…

“Changing what it means to be a theatre in a community”

This summer, local freelance writer Jonathan Everitt spent a LOT of time at Geva. We had invited five writers of new work on Geva's stages this season to spend a couple of days apiece in Rochester, getting to know our staff, our community, and the stories that Rochester has to tell. And these visits gave … Continue reading “Changing what it means to be a theatre in a community”

Creating Community, Developing New Plays

I cannot decide which story to tell, as I think about Geva’s Festival of New Theatre, which ended just Sunday. Do I tell the story of collaboration and creativity that happens in the rehearsal room? Do I tell the story of new plays out in the world, or of 5 teenage writers who had their … Continue reading Creating Community, Developing New Plays

Inside the Writers’ Studio…

 Go Inside the Writers’ Studio withGeva’s Festival of New Theatre 2013 Today’s Writers + You = New Stories OnstageRochester, N.Y., October 2, 2013 - Geva Theatre Center unveils its line-up for the Festival of New Theatre 2013 to be held in the Fielding Nextstage from October 23 - November 3. FONT2013 is a vibrant and … Continue reading Inside the Writers’ Studio…

Plays in Progress

The blog this month has been all about plays in progress - Sean's posts from both the rehearsal room and from the theatre have been about the fine tuning that plays go through in production. Karen Zacarias, playwright of The Book Club Play, remarked yesterday to audience members during the Prologue that plays take time to find … Continue reading Plays in Progress

Michael Emerson led reading a smash success

This past Saturday, we had a backers reading of Ian Mairs new play THE LEARNING CURVE featuring Emmy Award winning Michael Emerson (Lost, Person of Interest) and Jeff Binder (Broadway: Lion King, Mary Poppins, Lieutenant of Inishmore). Hosted by NYU and produced by Amy Cordileone. Here was the playbill link that announced the reading: http://www.playbill.com/news/article/171272-Emmy-Winner-Michael-Emerson-Jeff-Binder-and-Mason-Lee-Set-for-Reading-of-The-Learning-CurveContinue reading Michael Emerson led reading a smash success