The Steps to a Perfect Set Design: Bringing to Life Dmitri’s Restaurant for Slow Food

When walking into a theatre, the stage is typically one of the first things a person's eye is drawn to. Often, the set can hint at what kind of performance that person is going to see - the location, the time period, the tone, etc. Each element of the set design is a symbol to be digested and interpreted by an audience that influences the way they experience the show.

Overheard from the Front Desk: A Christmas Carol

Jess Meyer-Crosby shares what he's overheard from his desk near the rehearsal hall and bustling public waiting areas as A CHRISTMAS CAROL gets ready for the stage.

A New Resident on South Division Street

It's been an eventful couple of weeks in the rehearsal room! Two days before Christmas, we learned that Peggy Cosgrave, who had been too ill to travel to Rochester for the first day of rehearsal, needed more time to recover and would not be able to join us for Miracle on South Division Street at all. A … Continue reading A New Resident on South Division Street

The Beginning of a Miracle

Today, the cast and creative team of Tom Dudzick's comedy Miracle on South Division Street assembled at Geva for their first rehearsal. We all got a look at the scenic and costume designs that will help create the familiar-looking world of a deteriorating Buffalo, NY neighborhood; then, the cast sat down to read the play aloud together … Continue reading The Beginning of a Miracle

Cohort Report: From First Read-Through to Tech Week

by Joanna Grosodonia The very first rehearsal starts with a manuscript 105 pages long.  A group of strangers gather to work together to create a living, breathing play in 3 weeks. It’s called table work. Picture a rectangle of banquet sized tables with 6 actors seated around this rectangle reading their lines with the beginnings … Continue reading Cohort Report: From First Read-Through to Tech Week

Cohort Club Makes You Feel Like a Kid Again!

The Book Club Play is starting its second week of rehearsals today, so the cast and cohort club are back from a day off and already diving in again. Maeve Cullinane summarized the first week of the cohort experience on her blog, and it sounds like she's been having a great time so far: I … Continue reading Cohort Club Makes You Feel Like a Kid Again!

Turning G.I. Joe into a Freudian Idol

In a post over the summer, and another recently, Sean and I have given you a glimpse of the physical environment for Freud's Last Session, which is now in the middle of the second week of rehearsal, directed by Skip Greer. During a break last week, I snapped a few shots of some of the … Continue reading Turning G.I. Joe into a Freudian Idol