The Science of Rehearsal

A rehearsal process is a special thing, especially here at Geva. Some of the country’s most brilliant artists join together in service of a script, and through their rigorous work, boundless imaginations, and insightful conversations create a new, cohesive world in front of our eyes. While we often think of theatre as a creative and … Continue reading The Science of Rehearsal

She’s Not a Sheriff, but She Plays One on Stage

As Sheriff Terry Burton in HARD CELL, Jen Cody does and says some pretty hilarious things - but she took her preparations for the role quite seriously. Her research included a Saturday night ride-along during the second week of rehearsals with an officer from the Ontario County Sheriff's Department.

Week Two of BOB rehearsal comes to an end

We are finishing week two of rehearsal for BOB. An exciting time as the show is coming into shape. New jokes are being added, old jokes are being refined. And everyone can see where the show SHOULD be, even if we're not in shape enough to get there now. So, good times. Not unlike that … Continue reading Week Two of BOB rehearsal comes to an end