Overheard from the Front Desk: A Christmas Carol

Happy holidays to the Geva family! It's been a little while since I've shared my experiences of the sounds that float out of the rehearsal hall and into the reception area with you all. As you can imagine, having Lester Purry, the single actor in Thurgood, rehearsing up here was a decidedly calmer and quieter … Continue reading Overheard from the Front Desk: A Christmas Carol


Introducing THURGOOD

With Hair running on the Wilson Stage and the Fringe Festival on the Fielding Stage, Geva's Rehearsal Hall is being prepped for the beginning of Thurgood rehearsals, which start next week. This play, written by George Stevens, Jr., is a tour de force for one actor, as the audience engages directly with former Supreme Court justice Thurgood … Continue reading Introducing THURGOOD