Playwrights Christina Anderson and Harrison David Rivers

Geva's literary director, Jenni Werner, and associate artistic director, Pirronne Yousefzadeh talk with playwrights Christina Anderson and Harrison David Rivers about listening to the voices in your head, finding inspiration in poetry, novels and raunchy rap lyrics, making space and time for imagination, and representation onstage. All in the third episode of Out of the Rehearsal Hall.

Uncovering Rochester’s Redlining History

In connection with Geva's Recognition Radio festival celebrating Black stories, we are producing a series of community conversations, called The Amplify Series, which connects themes of the plays to our lives here in the Rochester area. The first conversation examined the history of redlining and segregation in Rochester, the lasting impacts, and ways that we can effect change.

Playwrights Kirsten Greenidge and Chisa Hutchinson

An impassioned conversation with playwrights Kirsten Greenidge and Chisa Hutchinson about their work and inspirations, how August Wilson impacted them both as young people, and the renaissance of the Black horror genre. And of course, a conversation about their work featured in Geva's Recognition Radio Festival.

Whose Land Are We On?

A land acknowledgement creates a more accurate picture of the history of the lands and waterways we call home, and pays respect to the Indigenous People who have stewarded them from time immemorial. In 2020, Geva is beginning the practice of offering this statement as part of our ant-racist values and to help us all unlearn and re-learn the history that has brought us here to the land we now call the United States.

Out of the Rehearsal Hall with Mikael Burke

In Episode Ten of Out of the Rehearsal Hall, Geva's Assistant Literary Director Fran Da Silveira joins me once again for an invigorating conversation with director Mikael Burke. We talk about the impact of music and silence on our understanding of language, about creating a personal artistic mission, and we envision a bold new theatre coming out of this pandemic. Oh, and Fran reveals the connection between stalking and dramaturgical research...

Out of the Rehearsal Hall with Costume Designer Christina Selian

In Episode Nine of Out of the Rehearsal Hall, Geva's Wardrobe and Wig Supervisor Karin Eckert joins me to talk about her journey from Rochester to the West End, and around the U.S. (with a stop at “The Price is Right”), and back to Rochester; and then we talk with costume designer and crafts teacher Christina Selian about the difference between clothing and costumes; her journey to costume design; Christina’s deep admiration for actors and the collaborative nature of theatre; and the peace that comes from creating work by hand.

Out of the Rehearsal Hall with Fight Director Rocío Mendez

In Episode 8 of Out of the Rehearsal Hall, Fran Da Silveira and I talk with fight and intimacy director Rocío Mendez. We chat about how she was inspired to enter a field that is dominated by white men, her work on last year's production of The Royale by Marco Ramirez, the importance of intimacy choreography, and the brilliance and confidence of RuPaul's Drag Race.