Dickens’ Crusade for Christmas Dinner

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chriscarol1_geva-20171121-IMG_7634 Scrooge (Steven Hendrickson) and Christmas Present (Joel Blum) Discuss the Day. Photo by Goat Factory Media Entertainment.

Did Charles Dickens invent Christmas Dinner? According to a Guardian article by Pen Vogler, who is also the author of Dinner with Dickens, not only did Dickens’ A Christmas Carol popularize the Christmas Feast, but his writing also addressed an inequality in the distribution of good food. “Dickens’s most abiding influence is his conviction that everybody has the right to sit down together and enjoy the same food. Crucially, the Cratchits’ Christmas was not part of any ecclesiastical or charitable space but enjoyed by a poor family in their own home. Dickens was challenging a culture that regarded food as necessarily exclusive.”

But Dickens didn’t just write fiction about the unequal access to quality food – he also advocated for reform through journalism, and participated in attempts to teach women how to…

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